Carved Wood

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what's the difference between sculpting and carving wood?

i want to carve; im very much interested! but, i don't know where will i start. if u could suggest some websites about carving, i'll be glad to know. thanks for ur help.

Best Answer...


Although the operations require the same tools, normally one would say that sculpting is changing the shape of the material while carving is decorating the surface of the material. For example, you could go buy a plank of nice wood and carve the edge to look like a frame and cut away at the middle to make a picture and most people would say this is carving. It doesn't have to be flat - duck decoys and other birds are favorite items as are fish. But the key is that carving usually isn't looking at the shape of the wood - it wants a tight uniform grain in an even block
Good sculpting in wood also has to pay attention to how the grain of the wood interacts with the shape. Either by constructing the wood form from pieces - like furniture - or by having many odd and interesting logs and branches, the sculptor begins to remove wood and try to refine the shape and flow to produce a unique piece that could not be done with just any piece of wood.