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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why do you wear a cross?

Why are crosses everywhere are jewelry? I mean I know how the cross came about and how it got modernized, but why do you personally wear them? I's a bit strange.
Think about it for a believe Jesus Christ dies on a cross. You also (may) believe he is God's son. Which is true. But would you feel, if you had a son and he died in a car crash, and 80% of everyone around you wore a crushed up car charm on their neclace or bracelet, or placed a big one or painting of one on the wall in their home proudly and on display, JUST for you? Somethin to think about right???

So why do you do it??? Protection??? Showing God something??? What?...I just don't get it...I'm not bashing Christianity. I'm a Christian myself, but why do some of you have the cross on display for everyone to see???

Best Answer...


Personally my husband gave me a cross on a pendant for our 5th anniversary, which was before I became a believer. Now it means more to me though. Although the cross is seen by many as a place of death and defeat, it was in fact the scene of a great victory, Jesus destroying the power of sin and satan forever, for all believers. It's the fact of the victory that makes the cross something to be celebrated and remembered rather than become an object of shame or death.