Ear Pins

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Jose Jay Ear Pin® Earrings

Frequently Asked Questions...

How much does "ear pinning" cost? any one has it done? , is it worth it?

Im tired of being called Dumbo!!!!!!!!! no wise-craks! please

Best Answer...


The procedure is called otoplasty! I'm 22 right now but I had it done at the age of 18! My ears stuck out so bad that I never wore my hair up etc. I had it done for around $3,000 and i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I wear my hair up now all the time and the recovery time wasn't too bad at all...It wasn't painful because they do it at a hospital and it's a one day surgery so you can leave about an hour after it's done. Recovery was around a week or less...i would HIGHLY recommend it! it changed my life!